Important Facts About Influencer Marketing

Most of us are influenced by other people in some way or another and use those influences to guide us in our daily lifestyle. People of all ages are swayed others, and it is with little surprise that influencer marketing has become so popular with businesses that want to stand above the competition and get their brand noticed. If you are not yet using this marketing scheme, it is time that you jumped on the bandwagon and make a decision that can change your life.

Introduced in 2016, this marketing technique uses non-celebrity endorsements from those who’ve made a name for themselves online. So far, the results have been amazing and there is little risk that it will change anytime soon. Before you go, here are a handful of tips that you should know concerning this form of marketing.

·    Approximately 70% of all millennials say they’re influenced by their peers’ recommendations

·    Facebook is the top site for influencers; YouTube is a close second.

·    Consumers prefer non-celebrity blogs 65% of the time, citing they’re able to connect better with non-celebrities

·    Only 3% of consumers are influenced by endorsements from celebrities

·    Twitter is the least influential social media channel around

·    Professionals Offer this marketing technique for customers

·    22% of men use YouTube to influence their purchase decision while 13.9% of women use the platform in the same manner.

·    Reviews posted online influence the purchase decision of many people, particularly when purchases like electronics are made.

·    This marketing technique is expected to increase in popularity by 60% in the upcoming year

influencer marketing

·    This marketing technique has a better ROI than others

There is so much to learn about this new form of marketing, but since it is still new, but has made such an impact already, it is not hard to learn most anything that you want to know about the company. There is plenty of time to get in on the tactic and learn firsthand what it is all about. Why not?

There is a new way to get your brand’s name out there and now that you’ve stumbled upon that technique, things couldn’t be any better. Use this marketing scheme no matter the type of business you operate the length of time it has been in business, or other factors. It is time that you learned what so many others have already and begin implementing the right marketing techniques for your needs.